Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869)
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 Louis Moreau

Gottschalk in actionNews alert: Louis Moreau Gottschalk's legendary Notes of a Pianist are finally back in print (Princeton University Press, 2006)

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This website is dedicated to the American composer and pianist-virtuoso Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869). In recent years, there has been a steady growth of interest in Gottschalk´s music, and it is hoped that this website will help promote his music as well as provide information about his rather turbulent career.

The Berlin Review of Books

Traditionally, Gottschalk is remembered as a virtuoso, as well as a prolific composer of popular (and, so it is said, quite often rather sentimental) music. While there may be some truth in this statement, it is our belief that there is more to Gottschalk and his music than just that. As one of his biographers has put it, Gottschalk was “both an arch-romantic and a rationalist, a sentimentalist and a pragmatist, at once America´s first regionalist composer, its first multiculturalist, and its first true nationalist.”

Gottschalk was also the first and, one might well argue, possibly the last pan-American composer and artist. Not only did he travel frequently outside the United States, as did, by necessity, most virtuoso pianists at the time; he also lived in South America and the Caribbean for extended periods of time, incorporating, without prejudice but with critical judgment, many local influences and musical traditions. He also was politically outspoken on issues such as slavery and the Civil War, and while a true American patriot, he did not spare his countrymen acrimonious criticism whenever he deemed it appropriate.

This website will continue to grow so as to provide as complete and concise an account of Gottschalk´s life and his music as possible. We also intend to provide an up-to-date documentation of books on Gottschalk and a discography of recordings of his music (concentrating on CDs and recordings that are currently available rather than on historic sources). To the extent that the books and CDs featured on this website are available, we provide direct links to online sources (in association with amazon.com, amazon.de, and amazon.co.uk). We encourage you to order music and literature by using the links provided for each title or recording, or (if no individual link is available) by logging on to amazon via one of the general amazon links on this website.

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